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Bio-dynamic Skin Care Biodynamic 'Baby' Olive Calcaire lotion

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Certified Biodynamic

The Girl and the Olive Biodynamic Olive Calcaire Lotion has healing and soothing properties, is an excellent moisturiser and can also be used for the relief of sunburn and itchy insect bites.

Made from just two ingredients, Biodynamic olive oil and limewater, it is free from artificial colouring, perfume and synthetic preservatives. This lotion moisturises, nourishes and protects the skin. It has excellent healing and soothing properties that help to prevent nappy rash.

To guarantee purity this lotion does not contain an emulsifier.

Shake bottle before using to ensure a thorough mixing of the olive oil and limewater.

Bio-dynamic Skin Care

The Girl and the Olive skincare formula utilises natural ingredients free of all artificial chemicals and is the first and only certified Demeter Biodynamic skincare in Australia. Our unique Biodynamic and organic skincare is made from the olive oil and essential oils grown on our Mount Zero olive grove, the first Demeter Biodynamic accredited olive grove in Australia. By choosing the Girl and the Olive products you are making the best choice for your health and are sharing our passion and commitment to care for our planet.
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