Over cooked Golden beets w/ mandarin oil + fennel pollen

Ashly Hicks - The Garden State Hotel, Serves 4


1kg golden beets
125g buffalo ricotta
50ml mandarin oil
sherry vinegar
salt + pepper (to taste)
fennel pollen to season
fresh lemon


Take the beets wash them well and place in a bowl, rub with sherry vinegar and salt and place on a cooling rack in a roasting tray, back @ 140 degrees for 1.5 hours (depending on size) or until a skewer goes in with ease. Once nice and wrinkled and tender take out and rest in the tray until warm enough to slice. While waiting for the beets break the ricotta with some olive oil, salt and fresh lemon juice and mix until smooth.

Slice the beets across and nice and thin, spoon the ricotta on the base of the plate, lay beets across the top and season with the mandarin oil and fennel pollen more salt if needed.

Image by James Williams
Slow cooking these beets extracts the residual moisture and produces a really intense earthy flavour. Mount Zero's mandarin pressed olive oil creates a perfect fresh and zesty balance for the dish - Ashley Hicks, Head Chef, Garden State Hotel

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range