BBQ ‘Barnsley’ Lamb Chop with Farro Salad

Anna Quayle - Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel


4 300g ‘Barnsley’ Lamb Chops

100g Toasted flaked Almonds

1 Punnet Cherry Tomatoes

2 Shallots diced

100g of Currants

1 bunch of Coriander

1 bunch of Mint

1 bunch Parsley

300g of Mount Zero Pearled Farro, soaked in cold water overnight

Mount Zero Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh Lemon Juice

Diced Chilli to taste

Mount Zero Dukkah


Boil the Mount Zero farro in lightly salted water till soft to the bite. You can add aromatics like onion, garlic, thyme to give it more flavour. One step further you can toast the farrow in the oven for ten minutes at 180c to give it a lightly roasted and nuttier flavour.

While the farro is cooking, BBQ the lamb chops to your desired temperature and leave to rest.

Drain the farro through a colander and let it cool down so it is still warm but not really hot, as this will wilt the herbs.

Chop the mint, coriander, parsley and tomatoes roughly with a knife.

Mix the herbs, currants, chilli, shallots, almonds, tomatoes with Mount Zero farro in a large bowl.

To finish season with Mount Zero extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste.

Place the lamb chop on the salad and sprinkle a generous amount of dukkah.




Ella Mitchell
We can’t get enough of Mount Zero biodynamic pearled farro. We always have this on the menu in some form. The salad is easy to whip up, and quite light. It is easily matched with any form of protein.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range