Ancient grain salad with cumin, yoghurt and honey dressing

Egor Rodichkin - The Riverland Group, Serves 4



½ cup Mount Zero Freekeh
½ cup Mount Zero French Green Lentils
handful of pumpkin seeds
handful of pine nuts
handful of slivered almonds
1 bunch of radishes 
100gm seedless grapes 
2tbsp baby capers
¼ bunch mint
¼ bunch parsley
¼ bunch dill


½ cup – greek yoghurt
4tbsp –Mount Zero Arbequina olive oil
2tbsp – Sherry vinegar
2tbsp – honey
1tsp – ground cumin
Method - Combine all ingredients using a whisk



  • Cook the freekeh and lentils until tender in salty water. You may want to soak the lentils overnight for quicker results. Freekeh doesn’t require being soaked.  Ensure cooking both al dente. Chill both in a fridge.
  • Gently toast the seeds and nuts in a pan over medium heat
  • Pick the herbs and roughly chop
  • Halve the grapes
  • Finely slice the radishes, using a mandolin is great just mind your fingers.

A fresh, herbaceous and nutritious salad with a hearty base of freekeh and French-style green lentils.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range