Quince poached in verjus, fresh fig & honey-whipped ricotta

Almay Jordaan / Neighbourhood Wine, Serves 4


1 large quince, peeled & halved – keep the core for the cooking part
500ml Mount Zero Chardonnay verjus
100ml honey
2 fresh bay leaves

4 ripe, end of season figs 200g ricotta reduced honey cooking liquid reserved from the poached quinces pinch cinnamon a few cracked pistachio’s


Combine the verjuice, honey & bay to a saucepan just big enough to hold the quince halves laying flat (this is so that this small amount of poaching liquid actually covers the quince). 

Poach gently, under a circle of baking paper, for an hour – anything quicker than this will result in a pale, overcooked quince.

When done, remove quince & cool down, continue reducing the cooking liquid by half to a syrup, then cool down as well.
Meanwhile, remove the core of the quinces, and cut in large segments, combine with ripe squishy figs.

Add a good splash of the cooking liquid & the cinnamon to the ricotta, whip until quite smooth and dollop over the fruit.

Drizzle with more syrup if you like, and sprinkle over pistachio’s.

Image - James Williams
Celebrate Autumnal harvest with this delicious and delicate dessert from Almay Jordaan at Neighbourhood Wine.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range