Farro Risotto with Porcini and Parmesan

, Serves 4


450g Farro
1 litre water
25g dried Porcini
25g butter
30ml Mount Zero Extra virgin olive oil
1 onion
1 cup dry white wine
50g grated parmesan
Salt & pepper


Toast Farro in dry pan, stirring occasionally, taking care not to brown.
Add water, salt and simmer partially covered for 25-30 min or until soft.
While the Farro is cooking, soak the dried Porcini in a bowl with 225g hot water for 15 min.
Remove Porcini squeezing the water back into the bowl. Reserve the liquid and chop the Porcini coarsely. 
Melt butter and olive oil in a frying pan. Add onion and cook until soft.
Stir in Porcini and add wine.
Add the reserved Porcini liquid to the frying pan. Simmer for 10 min.
When Farro is cooked, drain and add the contents of the frying pan.
Mix well and season with salt and pepper. Top with grated parmesan.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range