Mauro's Grilled Octopus

The Independent, Serves 4


800 g of fresh octopus (from Fremantle is best)
Pinch of smoked paprika (Spanish)
100 g of toasted almond flakes
½ bunch of flat leaf parsley (julienne)
¼ bunch of fresh mint (julienne)
100 ml Mount Zero Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pink Lake fine salt
1 whole lemon (juice)


To poach the octopus:

In a large pot bring water to boiling point, add some rosemary, a couple of green cardamom pods and 1 teaspoon of coriander seeds. Add the octopus and simmer for 20/25 minutes, leave to cool down in the water, otherwise it will be chewy.


When the octopus is cold, clean any loose bits under running water, dry with paper towels. Place the octopus in a bowl with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt, you can grill or pan fry it. When the octopus is hot, sprinkle smoked paprika all over it and plate up, add some pink lake fine salt, if needed, sprinkle toasted flaked almonds, lemon juice, parsley and mint.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range