Smoked barramundi tartare with Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil, slow-cooked yolk and bay crisps

Telina Menzies, Australian Venue Co., Serves 4


Tartare mix

350g smoked barramundi*, diced into 5mm dice

50g shallot, finely diced

10g chives, finely diced

50g dill pickles, finely diced

10g wholegrain mustard

30g Mount Zero Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil, plus more to finish

A pinch of Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt

Bay crisps

1 sebago or russet potato, finely sliced into 1mm slices

2 tablespoons white vinegar

2 bay leaves

20g Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt

Oil for frying (approximately 750ml)

Slow-cooked yolks (optional)

4 egg yolks

2g Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt



1. Soak the finely sliced potatoes in enough water to cover and add the white vinegar, then leave refrigerated for one hour.

2. In a spice grinder, place the Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt and bay leaf and process to a fine powder. 

3. Heat oil in a medium pot to 150°C. Drain and dry the sliced potatoes, fry until golden brown and place onto paper towel. 

4. Season with the bay salt while still warm.


5. Mix the yolks with salt gently until smooth, being careful to not incorporate too much air. 

6. Place in a small vac pac bag and seal. Place in a sous vide bath or steam at 67°C for one hour until the yolks are a soft set, then chill.

Alternatively, one raw free range egg yolk can be used - details below.


7. Mix all of the tartare components just before serving and check seasoning. 

8. Split the mix into four and lightly press into a ring mould.

9. If using the slow-cooked yolk, cut a corner of the vac-pac bag to create a piping bag, then squeeze a yolk sized round of mix onto the barramundi mix. Alternately, use one single raw free range yolk and carefully place on the mix, seasoning with Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt.

10. Arrange some of the bay crisps to the side of the tartare, sprinkle with a little more bay salt and then finish the fish mix with some more Mount Zero Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you have access to nasturtium leaves, they are a great garnish to add some crisp floral notes.

*You can buy smoked barramundi from Infinity Blue Barramundi, at their farm gate or online.

Smoked oil adds 'beefiness' and loads of depth to this smoked barramundi tartare, the perfect starter to dig into with friends this season!

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range