Nori Lobster Roll

Kim Sangsoo


Nori Rolls

5 nori sheet (W: 14cm x L: 7cm)

10g glutinous rice flour

60g water

1g Mount Zero pink salt

200g Mount Zero olive oil (for deep frying)

Mussel powder

1kg Fresh mussel

Gochujang Sourdough Crumb

50g sourdough bread (crust off)

1g gochujang

Avocado Puree

100g avocado 

17g fermented green chilli

10g parsley oil

10g Mount Zero Frantoio Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 2021 Press

17g lemon juice

0.2g xantan

3g Mount Zero pink salt


Nori Rolls

1. cook glutinous rice flour with water and salt for 5 minutes.

2. cool it down and brush it in to nori sheet.

3. roll it with cannoli mould.

4. deydrate nori sheet at 80ºC / 30 minutes.

5. deep fry in olive oil at 160ºC / 30 seconds.

Mussel Powder

1. clean mussels.

2. cook at 100ºC / 100 humidity / 1 fan / 3 minutes.

3. place in freezer for 20 minutes after cooking.

4. take the shells off mussels and leave in mussel water for 1 hour in the fridge.

5. drain the water and dehydrate mussels at 48ºC / 100 dehydrate / 12 hours.

6. fine blend the dried mussels and dehydrate again for 4 hours.

7. use fine sieve to create a powder from dehydrated mussels.

Gochujang Sourdough Crumb

1. roast 140ºC / 50 dehydrate / 2 fan / 20 minute.

2. blend with robot coupe for 5 seconds.

3. roast again at 140ºC / 50 dehydrate / 1 fan / 20 minute.

4. keep stirring until desired texture is reached. Allow to cool.

Avocado Puree

1. Blend all ingredients into a smooth puree.

2. Chill using an ice bath. 

To Finish:

1. mix chopped chive 5g, lobster meat 18g, avocado puree 20g, gochujang crumb 10g.

2. stuff into dried nori roll.

3. dust with mussel powder on top.

The lobster nori roll - while being a recipe with many layers - highlights the unexpected, “The flavour of fresh olive oil is nicely paired with nori,” adds Kim.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range