Fruit & nut millet breakfast bars

Recipe created by Almay Jordaan (Neighbourhood Wine / Old Palm Liquor), Serves 8


100g Mount Zero Millet

200g water

Pinch salt

100g currants

100g quick-cooking oats

50g golden linseed

80g chopped, toasted cashew or hazelnuts

40g butter

100g brown rice syrup

5ml vanilla extract

5g Pink Lake salt


Set oven to 190C

First toast the dry millet on a medium heat in a saucepan (stirring constantly), to a light golden brown. Cool down, add the water & salt and then cook millet pilaf-style until fluffy.

Mix the rest of the ingredients together, add to cooled millet.

Press this mixture into the lined baking tin (cover the palm of your hand with some oil) and bake in the middle of the oven until really crispy - like well-toasted muesli. Cool down, and slice.

Any bits and pieces that break off can be used like muesli as well!

Almay Jordaan

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range