Confit Barramundi with Tarragon Gremolata Pumpkin and Caviar

Markus Werner, Serves 6


6 150g Humpty Doo Barramundi fillets
Rosemary sprig
Lemon zest 
Mount Zero Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt

300g pumpkin, peeled 
30g red onion, diced 
5g sumac 
10ml white wine
5ml Mount Zero Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
20ml double cream 
200ml water 
5g brown sugar 

20g tarragon 
15g parsley 
15g good quality anchovies 
10g aged parmesan, grated 

70ml Mount Zero Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

½ organic lemon juice and zest 
2 garlic cloves 
Mount Zero Pink Salt
Pepper (to taste)

To finish 
6g Yarra Valley salmon caviar
Micro herbs 
12 sugar snap peas, sauteed in oil


Wash and dry the barramundi on paper towel, season both sides. Grill skin down in hot pan with a little oil until skin is crisp.

Place in oven dish and fill with the Mt Zero Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil until two thirds of the fish is covered

Place in oven for 15 mins on 90 degrees then check. Depending on the thickness of fish, this step could take a little longer.

For the pumpkin puree, sauté the pumpkin and red onion in a pan, add sumac, sugar and seasoning and cook for two more minutes.

Add white wine and water, cover, and reduce by two thirds on a low heat.

When pumpkin is soft and cooked, place in a blender and mix with cream and olive oil. Taste to check on seasoning.

In the meantime, add all the ingredients for the gremolata in a separate blender and mix well. Check seasoning.

Plate up 

Place the pumpkin puree on a warm plate.

Take barramundi out of the oil and sit on paper towel quickly, then place on puree.

Garnish with gremolata, caviar, sugar snaps and micro herbs.

"The olive oil makes the fish really tender and adds to its flavour. With great ingredients like these you don’t need to do much. The ingredients really do the talking."

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range