Puttanesca spaghetto quadrato

James Kummrow, Little Wing, Serves 4


500g Little Wing Puttanesca

100ml Mount Zero extra virgin olive oil

500g spaghetto quadrato

1 tin anchovy fillets (50g)

1 cup flat-leaf parsley 

chilli flakes to taste 

8 turns black pepper 

4 tbsp Mount Zero Frantoio extra virgin olive oil

Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt to taste


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1. Add enough salt to a large pot of water, until you begin to taste it, and then boil.  

2. Gently warm 2 tbsp of Mount Zero Frantoio extra virgin olive oil with anchovies over low to medium heat. Move the anchovies gently to start dissolving them in the oil. 

3. Add Little Wing puttanesca pasta sauce, and continue to stir anchovies into the  sauce. Add black pepper and chilli flakes to taste.

4. Cook pasta to manufacturers specifications, stirring occasionally at a rapid boil until al dente. 

5. Drain quickly, reserving 125ml (approx.) of pasta water.  

6. Turn off heat. Add water, pasta, and chopped parsley, along with remaining extra virgin olive oil. Gently combine. 

7. Transfer entire contents into a warmed serving dish, and place in the middle of the  table. Buon Appetito! 

James Kummrow's pro tips:

• Don’t overheat the olive oil with the anchovies in step 2. Fresh extra virgin olive oil will lose its delicious flavour if overheated and smoking. We just want to slowly break up and dissolve the anchovy into the sauce, adding its rich, salty and savoury characters.  

• Little Wing Puttanesca is cooked with pitted Mount Zero kalamata olives, lilliput capers, and garden rosemary. 

• Always cook extra pasta… we all want seconds.

Sophie Cabanes
A classic dish, with origins that date back to the 19th century in Naples. Simple, fresh and delicious... you'll be coming back for seconds!

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