Paul Wilson, Serves 6


1k peeled floury potatoes eg Binji, Maris piper or Dutch cream cut into even size pieces 

1 teaspoon of pink lake salt 

Cold water to cover 

4 cloves of peeled garlic 

150 ml milk 

175 ml Mount Zero Rosemary pressed olive oil 

Optional garnish - handful of chopped pitted olives or some dried rosemary 


1/Bring the potatoes &garlic to the boil cook for 20 mins until very soft 

2/Drain into a colander and shake removing all the water & return to the pan over a low heat to absorb any additional water for 1 min. Place the potatoes into a ricer or mouli

3/Crush the potatoes into a bowl with a cloth underneath to secure & keep warm covered with glad wrap 

4/In a separate pan warm your milk gently over a low heat then add your olive oil to the warm milk then gradually add this olive oil & milk mixture with a wooden spoon 

5/Whip as much air into the mash till all the oil &milk has been absorbed & the potatoes are aerated with a silky finish serve piping hot 

Olive oil mash is the perfect partner for many foods from a piece of barbeque'd Tuna to a humble roast leg of lamb studded with anchovies. This delicious combo was culinary cool in the 90's thanks to legendary Michelin starred Swiss chef Freddy Girardet, who sparked a trend amongst top chefs to create their own flavoured mashed potatoes.

Recipe Ingredients from the Mount Zero Range