International Year of Pulses

January 13, 2016

Before we go too far - you may be asking "what on earth is a Pulse!?". Well, a Pulse is essentially the dried seed of legumes like chickpeas, lentils and beans and they are damn good for you!

The UN have announced 2016 as the International Year of Pulse and we think these delicious and nutritious little champions deserve the adoration. We've long sung the praises of pulses for their flexibility in cooking and ability to regenerate soil for our Wimmera grain farmers, see what Rich had to say about our approach at a recent producer event.

As mentioned by Rich in the video above, we've managed to work with farmers from our area and gain access to premium varieties such as our French Style Fine Green Lentils (otherwise know as Puy Lentils), Beluga Black Lentils and Persian Red Lentils. The legumes are 'nitrogen-fixers' putting the vital element back in to soils in between grain crops making them the ideal rotational crop.

Keen on celebrating the Year of Pulses? Pulse Australia and The Grains and Legumes Nutritional Council are hosting the International Year of Pulses Gala Dinner in Melbourne on the 28th of January - To find out more see the event details here

Our Pulse Recipes

twice cooked duck leg with mount zero lentils

rabbit and green lentil terrine

beluga lentil dip with crispy baked lentils

mount zero grain salad with barberries

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