MOUNT ZERO HERO | Rosalin Virnik, Anchor Restaurant

May 10, 2023

Rosalin Virnik, co-owner and head chef of Elwood restaurant, Anchor, has known Mount Zero’s Seymour family for over a decade and credits them for teaching her about the intricacies and aspects of quality olive oil.  

Rosalin Virnik, Anchor Restaurant
Rosalin Virnik, Anchor Restaurant

She first came across Mount Zero products while shopping at Farmer's Markets across Victoria and was so impressed with our products that she made the trek to the Grampians to visit our olive groves. Since then, she's been a regular customer – and self-confessed fan – and has taken that to the next level using our products in her and her husband Oliver’s restaurant, Anchor in Elwood. 

Opening in late 2021, Anchor is a “modern-Australian restaurant serving premium food in a good local venue. We are a great casual mid-week choice, but we are also popular for occasions and celebrations,” says Rosalin. 

Her previous experience as the content curator of online artisan producer directory – Artisan House – only compounded her love of good local food and, “I realised I wanted to do more than inform people about these products, I wanted to feed them, have our customers try them and experience that it is possible to enjoy exceptional local produce all the time.” 

“At Anchor, we're not just passionate about using the freshest, high-quality local ingredients in our kitchen, but we also take pride in building relationships with the producers who supply them,” she says. “That's why we're proud to use Mount Zero Olive Oil, a product that we know and trust because of our longstanding relationship with them.” 

Rosalin sees that Mount Zero shares her values when it comes to sustainable and ethical produce. She says she appreciates our commitment to respecting the environment and, “we know that every bottle of Mount Zero Olive Oil that we use in our kitchen is of the highest quality.” 

Rosalin has chosen to share her classic hummus recipe that has gained a solid following at Anchor.

She uses our Arbequina olive oil, as “it’s a good all-rounder,” and our chickpeas, too. 

“Hummus is a staple dish and I love that this recipe highlights lots of Mount Zero goodness,” she says. “It makes for a really nice, simple recipe and is full of deliciousness! Our customers love it.” 

Anchor Restaurant's Hummus
Anchor Restaurant's Hummus

the fast five 

1. If you weren't in hospo what would you be doing?    


2. Last place you dined out? 


3. What's your favourite Melbourne restaurant? 


4. Favourite season/s of the year for produce? 


5. Do you have any special projects scheduled for this year or beyond? 


By Hilary McNevin