News From The Grove - Farewell To The Farm

An update on the original Mount Zero olive grove and its stewards, Jane and Neil Seymour.

To all our customers, visitors and supporters:

We wish to provide you with an update on the stewardship of the Mount Zero olive grove.

Founded in 1993 by Jane and Neil Seymour, and managed since 2005 by Richard Seymour, Mount Zero has matured from a small family olive grove in the Grampians to a business employing a team of 25 and working alongside neighboring farms and the region’s traditional owners (the Wotjobaluk community).

Today, we are proud to partner with these producers and custodians of the land to deliver a distinctly local range of olives, olive oil, pulses, grains, and Pink Lake salt for lovers of fine Australian produce across the country. With our heritage as biodynamic farmers, we are passionate about sustainability, reducing – and ultimately eliminating – our carbon footprint and providing the healthiest and most delicious food possible. 

While Mount Zero continues on this path, after 30 years of dedicated olive farming, Jane and Neil Seymour have decided it is time to step away from the farm. Fortunately, they will be passing on the stewardship of the Mount Zero grove to a new family – who are equally passionate about olives! While Mount Zero will miss seeing Jane and Neil on active duty, we recognise that after 30 years, it might be time for a well-earned rest. Mount Zero will continue to source produce from the original grove and Jane & Neil will support the new stewards in their olive production.

Thank you to all our customers, consumers and supporters for sharing this food and produce journey with us.  We have greatly enjoyed the last 30 years, and are excited to continue the Mount Zero story with you – for at least another 30.

Thanks again,

Rich Seymour

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