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February 17, 2022

8 delicious chef-designed seafood recipes – from great Australian restaurants to your dinner table 

Australians collectively love seafood. A recent report by the ABC showed that in 2021, 8,000 tonnes of prawns were caught north of Western Australia, and whilst these prawns are exported globally, reports show that almost 80% of the catch is eaten by Australians over the Christmas period. 

Whether it’s Christmas lunch, summer BBQs or dinner party entertaining, seafood dishes are always a hit. So we’ve put together a list of decadent recipes designed by leading Australian chefs. 

Whether you’re a beginner at cooking fish or a long time crustacean connoisseur, this guide has a recipe for everyone. From snapper and salmon to swordfish and octopus, here is a range of the best seafood recipes from pro Australian chefs. What will you cook first?

The best seafood recipes for you to try at home. 

1. Snapper, red cabbage and kabuli chickpeas with yoghurt sauce

Chef Nicky Reimer shares her recipe for pan-fried local snapper with wine soaked cabbage and a creamy yoghurt sauce.

Chef Nicky Reimer walks us through her Middle Eastern style snapper recipe. She pairs a locally caught snapper fish fillet with Mount Zero organic kabuli chickpeas, served with cabbage soaked in freshly squeezed orange juice, red wine vinegar and cinnamon. This all comes together with a creamy yoghurt sauce that balances the zingy cabbage marinade and makes for the perfect fish feast. 

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2. Verjus baked fish hot pot

Food writer Cle-ann Stampolidis shares her one pot masterpiece for a hearty baked fish dinner.

The worst part of cooking an impressive, chef-quality meal is always the clean up at the end. So why not try food writer Cle-ann Stampolidis’ fish hot pot which only requires one oven proof pot? Her recipe combines salmon fillet, flathead tail, leek, fennel, verjus, potato and manzanilla olives to create what she describes as a both ‘delicious and nutritious’ combination. 

Hint: After you’ve cooked the potatoes and fish, try serving them with crusty bread or warm fluffy quinoa

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3. Grilled swordfish with Mount Zero lime pressed extra virgin olive oil and ginger

Food writer Rachel Pitts of the Fruitful Kitchen guides us through her grilled swordfish recipe using Mount Zero’s lime pressed EVOO.

We’ve all tried pre-marinating our meat and fish, but have you considered a post-marinade? Rachel Pitts from the Fruitful Kitchen walks us through her recipe for grilled swordfish, where after cooking the fish, she tosses the swordfish in a blend of lime pressed extra virgin olive oil, ginger, spring onions and salt. After 10 minutes of post-marinating, it’s ready to serve. 

Serving suggestion: Try serving the fish on rice and tomato salsa. Or try Rachel’s favourite puree recipe using carrot and sweet potatoes.

Hint: Unsure about swordfish? Rachel suggests substituting the swordfish for any dense fish like tuna for example. 

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4. Huon salmon taco with coriander dressing and salsa

Chef Bart Beek walks through his guide to cooking the best spicy fish tacos using Tasmanian Huon salmon.

Chef Bart Beek from Essence BBQ Lab in Victoria has got you covered for your next taco Tuesday, with a restaurant-quality, seafood twist. Think grilled salmon, slaw, homemade coriander dressing, packed with hard-hitting flavours like chilli, jalapenos and paprika, all in a lightly charred corn tortilla, yum!

This quick and easy seafood recipe is ready to eat in 20-30 minutes and is set to be your new go-to, comfort food meal.

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5. Macadamia and quinoa crusted barramundi with a fennel, apple and citrus salad

Executive chef Sam Smith invites us to try his crusted barramundi recipe, straight from the menu from his restaurant Porch and Parlour.

From the menu at Porch and Parlour restaurant in New South Wales, executive chef and owner Sam Smith gives us his secret recipe for cooking a delicious white fish meal. Using Australian barramundi with the skin on, Sam layers a crumb blend of cooked quinoa, macadamia nuts, bread crumbs and fresh herbs. After being in the oven for just 9 minutes the barramundi is ready to serve.

Serving suggestions: Sam serves his fish on an apple and fennel salad which combines the punchy flavours of grapefruit, orange and Lime pressed Mount Zero EVOO to create a flavoursome, citrus dressing. 

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6. Haricot beans with shellfish

Chef Anna Quayle shares her haricot beans and shellfish combination in her recipe for seafood stew.

From her experience working overseas, chef Anna Quayle became fond of using haricot beans and says they pair perfectly with seafood. Note: haricot beans are commonly known as navy beans or baked beans in Australia. In her recipe, Anna combines clams, mussels, calamari, haricot beans, white wine, chilli and lemon juice to create a flavorful, yet balanced seafood stew fit for entertaining. Season to taste using Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt and you’re set to create an impressive, attractive dinner all your guests can enjoy. 

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7. Smoked salmon, fried capers and lemon oil fettuccine

Stephane Meyer from Etto pasta Bar lets us in on his recipe for seafood fettuccine using smoked salmon and capers.

Stephane Meyer from Etto Pasta Bar describes his salmon fettuccine as ‘simple yet impressive’, and a perfect addition to the weekly dinner schedule. Combining smoked salmon, capers, Crème Fraiche, dill and fettuccine, you are set to create a delicious creamy pasta. Stephane uses Mount Zero Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil to blend in a zesty lemon flavour with the strong flavours of the fish, dill and capers. 

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8. Seafood cassoulet saffron aioli, parsley, dill and tarragon

Chef Paul Baker walks us through his recipe for a decadent seafood cassoulet using octopus.

Looking to step up your culinary game? Why not try your hand at cooking octopus. Designed for those who love to cook (less ideal for a quick midweek meal), chef Paul Baker shares his recipe for a non-traditional cassoulet using seafood.

The dish calls for an extensive list of ingredients including baby octopus, mussels, haricot beans, fennel, saffron, celery and king prawns. If you’ve got the time, this dish full of delightful and fragrant ingredients is ideal for a dinner party.

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So there you have it. Eight chef-designed seafood dishes for you to choose from and try for dinner tonight. All that’s left to do is pick up some quality Australian seafood and get cooking. 

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