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February 3, 2022

6 easy and delicious chef-designed brunch recipe ideas

Bottomless mimosas, golden buttery french toast, eggs benny with perfectly oozy poached eggs and hollandaise sauce; there’s so much to love about sitting down for a leisurely late-morning brunch to start your day right.

Whether you’re a savoury stickler or you want to indulge your sweet cravings, we have a great variety of recipe ideas with unique flavour combinations to suit your flavour preference and inspire the dishes you select for your next big brunch cook up.

For those wanting to whip up something extra delish and more exciting than ordinary smashed avo and scrambled eggs, here are our best fast and easy brunch recipes designed by culinary pros.

Savoury brunch sensations

Olive oil egg roll with fresh greens, feta and black olive tapenade 

Food writer Cle-ann Stampolidis shares her tips to make a Greek-inspired olive oil egg roll.

Recipe writer extraordinaire Cle-ann Stampolidis talks through her mouthwatering take on a vegetarian crepe. Filled with wilted greens (use whatever you have on hand such as kale, silverbeet or spinach), feta and onion, topped off with black olive tapenade, these rolls are bursting with fresh salty flavours. This recipe is a fabulous way to use up any leftover roast veggies and greens sitting in your fridge.

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Mr Wilson plantation burger patties

Everything you need to know to make chef Paul Wilson’s vegan burger pattie.

By chef Paul Wilson, this burger patty recipe is what vegan brunching dreams are made of. All you need is organic chickpeas, fresh herbs, spring onion, leftover roast veggies (such as sweet potato), tahini, garam masala, paprika and chickpea flour. Best of all the patties only take four mins or so per side to cook, so this is a great one where you can prepare the mixture the night before and quickly shallow-fry in the morning before serving.

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Chickpea and cauliflower fritters

Experienced chef Richenda Pritchard’s chickpea and cauliflower fritters are the perfect addition to your brunch spread.

With three core ingredients, savoury brunch recipes don’t come much simpler (or tastier!) than Richenda Pritchard’s chickpea and cauliflower fritters. Combine Mount Zero falafel mix, cooked cauliflower florets, chopped fresh herbs and lemon juice, to make the fritters. We recommend serving with a warm green salad, cumin yoghurt and a squeeze of lemon juice.

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Sweet brunch treats

Tivoli Road Bakery vanilla cream doughnuts

Michael James from Tivoli Road Bakery runs through his detailed steps to make the ultimate vanilla cream doughnut at home.

What better way could there be to top off a glorious brunch than with a coffee and a doughnut? Pastry chef Michael James of Tivoli Road Bakery shares his tips to assemble their famous vanilla cream doughnuts for yourself. Hint: Mount Zero lemon pressed extra virgin olive oil has long been the secret ingredient in these tasty morsels.

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Fruit and nut millet breakfast bars

Cook Almay Jordaan shares her crispy millet breakfast bar recipe.

A lovely healthy nibble to enjoy with a cuppa at brunchtime, as a morning snack or a quick breakfast while on the go, Almay Jordaan runs us through her fruit and nut millet breakfast bar recipe. Mixing toasted millet, currants, oats, golden linseed, toasted hazelnuts or cashews, butter and rice syrup, these are a breeze to make. Tip: Any bits that crumble or break off when you cut up your slice can be used as delicious crispy granola and are the perfect accompaniment to yoghurt, berries or your favourite fresh fruits.

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Boston bun with lemon oil icing

Get the steps to prepare this take on an iconic Australian treat, the Boston bun, for your next brunch.

Learn how to make a gorgeous lemony Boston bun from scratch. Cook and recipe writer Rachel Pitts reveals everything you need to know to finesse this bake to serve up a fresh slice in time for brunch. All you need for the bun ingredient-wise is potato, butter, milk, dried yeast, flour, sugar, cinnamon, egg and sultanas. Don’t forget to pick up some desiccated coconut, icing sugar and lemon pressed EVOO for the zingy icing.

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Whether sweet or savoury is your brunch jam, hopefully, these six recipes have inspired you to try and cook something a bit different this weekend.

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