News from the Grove - A Mount Zero tradition

December 15, 2016

As we wind up another year, one can’t help reflect back on the season just past and in spite of a small crop of olives in May, we have had a great spring and are looking at a very good fruit set for the coming season - all in all, a pretty good year!  For this we can thank many things and many people who have helped and supported us along the way, but maybe also the New Year’s tradition of eating lentils and pork, we adopted from one of our Italian WWOOFER’s (willing workers on organic farms).

Simona from Elba Island, off the coast of Tuscany stayed and worked with us at Mount Zero for two consecutive Summers.  Simona introduced us to the Italian tradition of eating lentils and cotechino sausage for lunch on New Year’s Day.  The lentils, with their coin like shape, represent luck and prosperity, while the pork meat is representative of the fat or bounty of the land.  Pork is also deemed important as pigs always forage forward whereas other animals such as chickens and cows move backward or stand still.

And so, it is that we are moving forward and hope to be back to you in 2017 with fresh new bounty from the Mount Zero Olive grove.  Thank you for your support in 2016 and may your 2017 be forward moving, lucky and prosperous!