The Colour Green

November 20, 2016

Green is an exciting colour for us in the Wimmera. Following 2 years of browns with the drought there has been a return of green in the region. Our olive trees have emerged from a state of stress and have undergone an amazing vivid transformation. The trees are blossoming with buds that are about to burst into flower. The new shoots and leaves on the trees are a deep shiny green, whilst budding at the tips in a softer pale green.

Water is the basic element for life and production for farmers.  The effect of the El Nino finished last May and since then we have had lots of glorious rain. Our dams are overflowing, the water lies on the sides of the roads. The farmers are predicting record harvests. We are about one-third through our annual olive cycle, with a wonderful start with the flowering and the harvest still 6 months away. Meanwhile the broad acre grain and pulse farmers are in their final cycle with only the harvest to finish. Neil is already thinking about where and how he is going to source the labour for a big 2017 harvest. The green keeps us optimistic but it is too early to count our chickens.

By Jane Seymour

Images by Alex Schaenzer

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