News from the Grove - Springing to life

September 17, 2016

Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes, which I found very touching.

I received some wonderful emails from friends and strangers who said that they found my last newsletter inspiring. It must have struck a chord somehow . 

It is comforting to know that I'm not the only 70 year old who is thinking about their legacy and grappling with the decision about when is the best time to retire. I certainly can’t imagine not being active, and there is still so much I want to contribute to, and achieve.

Below is an excerpt from an email I received from a like-minded colleague who is obviously very clear on the legacy she wants to create. This is someone who knows what really matters and the strength of her conviction and the way she embraces life really shine through. Her focus on the future and her determination to keep an open, active mind are exemplary.

“Life does change and we can only adapt daily.  
I am a similar age to you and I think of the future, and similar to yourself I vacillate.  I know I’m not ready yet and occasionally I question myself.
My answers to myself are I need to look after my family; the employees who have been faithful for many years; the employees who start work very early in the morning and keep the stores pristine and ready to open at 7 am daily all year except for Good Friday and Christmas Day.  I appreciate this.
I realise that I need a goal to keep my mind active; I also try not to notice my chronological age.  It is debilitating when I stop and think.  It is a mistake to think of it.
The success you have achieved may still need nurturing by the power of one.  One person alone can often be the keystone needed to give inspiration to others who don’t have your gifts and rely on your direction to fulfil their lives”.

Now, to shift gear… At Mt Zero we are having our third wettest winter on record!

Normally, if we are lucky, we receive 250ml of rain yearly. But already we have reached an incredible 510ml.

The unusually high winter rains have given the grain growers hope for record crops following a two year drought with no crops.  The heavy rain is continuing into the Spring and falling on already  saturated soil.  I have heard the barley growers are starting to worry about their barley crops because if the heads of grain become too heavy, the crops ‘fall over’ and are unable to be harvested, so it could be a mixed blessing.    

We are fortunate because our olive grove is on one of the few slopes in what is a predominantly flat part of Victoria and our soils are sandy loam and drain well. Our olives trees love these conditions! The trees are busy sending up their new budding shoots and I have never seen them look so happy. 

Three months ago our dams were very low, but now after consistent heavy rain, three of our five dams are overflowing. 

Just over our fence is the Grampians National Park, one of the best places to find orchids and wildflowers growing. The orchids and many of the wildflowers are now burgeoning after the soaking rains. The Caledonia, commonly known as the Wax Lip Orchid are the first orchids to flower and soon we will be enjoying the Donkey, Leopard and Greenhood orchids in full bloom.

Nature can be harsh and unpredictable, then suddenly full of abundance. We are constantly inspired by the wonders each season brings and with Spring everything is bursting with new life. 

We feel truly blessed….

Jane Seymour

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