News from the Grove - Jane's Journey

August 11, 2016

My Journey! Jane Seymour

On the 6th August I turned 70 – a sobering milestone that has given me cause to reflect on my life and the legacy I want to leave.
The decision I am faced with is how best to spend the remaining years of my life. My heart is deeply connected with Mount Zero, where we have worked so hard over decades to reinvigorate a derelict olive grove and build a business that has not only survived, but thrived.

But after so many seasons, year in year out, the hard physical work is starting to take its toll. The long days on the farm and the unrelenting summers are getting harder to bear.

Jane with husband Neil at the Mount Zero Olive Grove

Recently I read Wendell Berry’s essay called ‘What are people for?’  Wendell Berry is a farmer, philosopher and writer and cares deeply for the land.  His answer is “ally ourselves with things that are worthy; light, air, water, earth; plants and animals, families and communities”. 

Well, I am managing to do most of these things, but on the farm we live 350 kms away from our family and friends!
The decision about what to do next is now weighing heavily on my mind. The option of shifting back to Melbourne, reinventing myself and re-purposing my life yet again is a challenging and somewhat daunting prospect.

But I have always been up for a challenge. I have reinvented my life many times – studying science, becoming a wife, establishing myself in my profession and embarking on a career, becoming a parent, then leaving the city and moving to the country, starting again from scratch. 
Taking on an abandoned olive grove and nurturing it back to good health using biodynamic principles and having to educate ourselves each step of the way created the foundation for what today is a thriving business, with a strong brand and reputation for quality that has been recognized with many national awards.

Each transition has brought its own particular challenges and opportunities for growth. It has been stressful at times, but each time I have faced a steep learning curve, I have managed to adapt and something new has been forged within me. 
Over time I have learned to trust my intuition and have built my resilience. I have learned new skills and met incredible people at each step of my journey.

Now as I reflect on what we have created at Mount Zero I feel satisfied that the legacy I aspired to has almost been achieved. 

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